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PDI League 2018-2019 Top Scoring Images

All of the images on this page scored 20/20 in the PDI League

If your image receives a score of 20 in the league it will be displayed here.

PDI League Round 2
19 October 2018
Judge: Tony Bentley ARPS


Somewhere in Seaford

Chris Dawson

Advanced League


Tick Tock

Thelma Long

Advanced League



Sisterly Quarel

Anthony Bradbury

Standard League


PDI League Round 1
28 September 2018
Judge: June Sharpe


Cannibal Dancer

Gary Carter

Advanced League


Shield Bug

Janice Hewitt

Advanced League


Belle Tout to Beachy Head

Tim King

Advanced League



Hazy Coastal Morning

Simon Rigby

Standard League



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