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Jennie Edwards


Egret Taking To Flight

Print League Round 2
October 06, 2018
Judge: Cherry Larcombe


Redshank Taking a Paddle

Nature Print
First Place

March 23, 2018


PDI League Round 3
January 26, 2018
Judge: Stuart Pickford



Rough Weather at Birling Gap

Landscape Print

April 15, 2016
Judge: Andy Smith


Within the Folds

Abstract PDI

February 26, 2016
Judge: Jack Taylor ARPS


Polyommatus coridon
(Chalkhill Blue)
In Soft Evening Light

Print League Round 4
February 5, 2016
Judge: Robin Harmsworth



Remember me when I have gone into the silent land.

Remembrance Set Subject PDI
Second Place
November 6, 2015
Judge: John Hunt ARPS DPAGB


Having a Snooze

Black and White Print
Second Place
16 October 2015
Judge: Gary Carter CPAGB


Two of a Kind

PDI Set Subject: Spring
May 01, 2015
Judge: Robin Harmsworth


Arriving on Time



Leucanthemum Vulgare (Oxeye Daisy)



Mirrored Mountains



Portrait Of An Erithacus Rubecula (Robin)






Water Lily


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